A Wrinkle In Time Activity Pack!

A WRINKLE IN TIME is opening in theatres this Friday, March 9th! I am so excited to see this movie. My daughter and I have read the book together and have been looking forward to this for a long time! To celebrate, I have some new activity sheets including coloring pages, a maze and a fortune teller game to share with you! 

Download, print, & enjoy! – 

AWrinkleInTime_pdf_Coloring Page 1

AWrinkleInTime_pdf Coloring Page 2

AWrinkleInTime_pdf_Coloring Page 3

AWrinkleInTime_pdf Coloring Page 4

AWrinkleInTime_pdf_Coloring Page 5


AWrinkleInTime_pdf_Fortune Teller

AWrinkleInTime_pdf_Spot The Difference  

Check out these stunning images of the leading ladies! 

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A WRINKLE IN TIME opens in theatres everywhere this Friday March 9th!


Do you plan to see A Wrinkle In Time opening weekend? 


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