Paddington 2 ~ More Fun, More Adventures, & More Marmalade!

We love the likable, funny, caring and unique bear that is Paddington. My kids and I have always loved the stories, and we were big fans of  seeing Paddington brought to life on the big screen. You can imagine our excitement when we got to screen Paddington 2 this past week! It is full of funny, silly, sweet, and marmalade moments!

In Paddington 2 you see how Aunt Lucy found and rescued little Paddington Bear, and how he is enjoying his London Life. I really liked seeing how Paddington has made friends and connections with all of the neighbors. He is helping one study for a test, gives one her breakfast, and reminds another not to forget his keys as he walks out the door. Yes, it is clear that Paddington is enjoying his life in London, and London is enjoying him. 

With his Aunt Lucy’s 100th bear birthday coming up, Paddington is searching for the perfect gift for her. He is trying to find something just right and all of a sudden he comes across this beautiful, antique pop-up book of London. Paddington thought this was the perfect gift to give his aunt who always dreamed herself of coming to see this beautiful city. There was just one problem – Paddington has to get a job to buy this expensive book. It was one of the funniest parts when Paddington tried his hand at some human jobs. Many laughs were had watching him try to cut a gentleman’s hair. 

Unfortunately, the book Paddington longs for has a secret code that Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant), a narcissistic entertainer and master of disguise, has his eye on. Once his career hit rock bottom, Phoenix steals for his selfish reason to gain the treasure. Grant plays this part perfectly, complete with funny jokes and a song and dance number. When the book is stolen by the master of disguise, Paddington is framed and sent to jail. As Paddington does, he makes friends wherever he goes and sees the good in people, even in jail! As Aunt Lucy always said, if you are kind and polite, the world will be right. 

You and your kids will laugh at the silly events that take place to get Paddington out of jail and clear his name. The Brown family helps save the day and get their bear back. See this great adventure in theaters January 12th! 


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