Date Night~ Why I Will Always Make Time For It


A few weekends ago my husband and I had a chance to get away. Thanks to the grandparents, we were able to go kid free! Which, in parent terms, means “You are going to have a restful, relaxing, and enjoyable weekend!” Woo hoo!

Spending a few days uninterrupted alone with my husband reminded me all the more of the wonderful partner I chose. It reminded me of how much I really do love my children. It definitely reminded me that I love eating at a restaurant where they don’t even have crayons in the building! Soaking up the sun, listening to the wind, and drinking wine. I get relaxed just typing it. It is amazing how just taking time to stop and step away from the every day business really does do so much for your soul, or souls 🙂

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We enjoyed amazing food, beautiful weather, and of course just being together. Now even though we don’t go away overnight or for more than a day very often, we always make it a point to set aside time to spend with one another. Whether that be swapping date nights with another family, hiring a babysitter, or even just waiting until the kids go to bed and renting a movie and ordering takeout. What matters is that you make the time to do it. Big or small, at home or on the town. Make date night a priorirty! What is your favorite date night?

For date night ideas and inspiration, visit on of my favorite sites, the The Dating Divas! You can sign up for free printables and get a ton of fun, unique ideas for a date night in or out!

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