MomCo App~Why Every Mom Should Have it!

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As mothers it is our job to take care of other little human beings all day long. We put others first. We set aside our own wants and desires. When we get a chance to leave our motherly duties, do we even know where to go or what to do? Do we have friends to call? Some of us do and some of us don’t. Guess what? There’s an app for that! 🙂

What exactly is this app about? 

Moms take care of others all day long. At MomCo, we want to make moms feel taken care of. MomCo was created by moms who wished something like it had existed when they first had their children. Having mom friends and knowing what resources are available in your community is so important. MomCo makes it effortless for moms to find everything they need to feel connected with their community.
MomCo is a free geolocation based app that helps connect moms with potential mom friends that live close by. Since MomCo is geolocation based, moms that live closest show up first. Moms can interact by messaging each other and through the forum section. In the forum section, moms can share pictures, funny moments, ask questions, and get the support they need. Through the MomCo App, moms are able to arrange play dates, keep current with local events and activities, be alerted of product recalls, enter giveaways, view awesome products we deem “mom must-haves” and save money through deals. Moms can also locate all the local business and service providers in their area that cater to women and children.


The MomCo app is designed for moms by moms. Its purpose is to connect you with moms in your area. Whether you just need to be around another adult or make long lasting connections, the MomCo app can help you! Once you sign up you can immediately see other moms in you area, join play dates and mom’s night outs that are taking place around you. We don’t always have the time to meet new people. It can be scary to put yourself out there. With this app you know you are meeting up with other moms who are also seeking friendship!


So you already have a great circle of mom friends? Great, I encourage you to join, too! Be that friendly face to welcome new members and invite women you don’t know into your circle. I guarantee it will mean more to her than you will ever know. Anyone can create a group, create playdates, and invite the moms in your area. The same moms, new moms, events can be private or public, however you want to do it! This is a real community! With moms asking and giving advice, local kid friendly business listings, and did I mention amazing giveaways!? All moms need a support system. Trust me when I say, you need to have this app!

Attention local area moms, join my group “DC NOVA MOMS” on the app. I’d love to see you at one of our upcoming events! 

Download the app today and then stay connected with MomCo on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest, & Instagram too! 

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