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I love seeing the fun creation my children come up with when they draw a picture. I have always encouraged arts and crafts, and my kids love to draw! Whether it is making cards, silly pictures, or a masterpiece of such, creating a picture is something they really enjoy. Once they are done with said creation I usually hang it on the fridge or a wall for some time. If it is something extra special, I will take a picture to archive it in our photos. When I heard about this heart-warming concept that brings kid’s artwork to life by transforming it into adorable custom hand-sewn stuffed animals, I knew my kids would be over the moon about this idea! Introducing Crayola Imaginables.

I had them take some time one afternoon and create a picture of their current favorite character to draw. Behold, Mermaid Emily and Elliot the Dragon!


They spent a lot of time on their art. Coloring, shading, adding lines and squiggles. Yes, the mermaid even has a blue and pink hair extension. As I stated earlier, my kids love to color! Once they were finished I took a picture of each and uploaded it onto the Crayola Imaginables website. It was very easy to do. Once I uploaded the photo, I was asked to write a description. They encourage as much detail as possible to help bring this creation to life. For the mermaid I wrote: A fun loving mermaid with brown wavy hair. She has two streaks of color in her hair, one pink and one blue. She has an ombre tail of teal, pink, and purple. She loves jewelry and always has her beaded bracelet and monogram necklace on. I wrote a similar fitting description of the dragon. Once you submit your info, you are done. If the team making your creation has any questions, they will reach out to you. At one point I got an email about my child’s dragon, wanting to clarify if the inside of the ear was suppose to be pink. They really care about making it as true to picture as possible!



When these life like cartoons arrived, my kids were so excited! Both of them were grinning from ear to ear, so happy to see all the maxing detail of the finished product! I myself, was also very impressed. How cool is it to have a stuffed animal of the dragon you drew?? My son could not be happier! My daughter has slept with her mermaid every single night. Not only do Imaginables encourage and reward creativity, but it’s the best way to treasure a child’s early artwork forever (rather than let it disappear in paper piles in the attic). I am sure your children will love the finished product!

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