How to Throw an Epic Oscar Viewing Party!

Sunday night is the 89th Academy Awards, and that means Oscar Party! I love a good excuse to have a party, and it just so happens that I am a huge movie buff. I love all things Hollywood, and I certainly love to throw a fun party! In my opinion, you need three elements to throw a fab event: Decor, Food, & Games! I am excited to share my Oscar Party tips & tricks with you!

*See my live Oscar Party segment on Good Morning Washington Here!

It’s Oscar night and that means black, red, and gold are the colors to stick with. You can decorate as elaborate or simple as you’d like. I love to stick with a theme and I think it helps generate fun ideas. Using table cloths, balloons, cutouts, confetti, mini Oscar statues, and movie decor, you can transform any area into the Oscar’s red carpet for your guests! Use a black table cloth followed by a thinner, red tablecloth on top. This creates a red carpet look. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use a gold table cloth or wrapping paper as a back drop for your table. This really ties the look together. Hang streamers or balloons and sprinkle those gold stars all over the table. Get party supplies like this from Party City or Amazon and you will be set.

Don’t forget the Golden “Oscar” statues. These are cheap and look like the real thing! I use these as decor and for game prizes! I got mine here.

Now you are ready to plate your Oscar night food and desserts!

Sticking with the theme, you can make or buy delicious desserts and appetizers. Anything mini or on a stick is good party food, right? These are some of my top picks for Oscar night!

Tuxedo Strawberries- With dipping milk and white chocolate, you can have these adorable and tasty treats ready to serve for your guests. Melt the milk chocolate first, dip the entire berry in chocolate, set on parchment paper and let set in the fridge. Once chocolate is hardened, take the melted white chocolate (or white icing) and create a V. Fill the V in, let set in the fridge. Lastly, add the bowties to each berry. This is multi-step, but it is pretty easy and so on theme!

Black and while cookies- I do not make these (I buy them from Wegmans). Feel free to bake sugar cookies and do half black and half white frosting.

Golden Cookies- I use the Wilton edible color mist in gold. You can find this at your local craft store. Spray the cookies and let set. You can spray anything you like to have a touch of gold!

Cupcakes with Oscar Cupcake Toppers-

I used white frosted cupcakes (make or buy) and again, sprayed with the Wilton edible gold color mist. I made these fun Oscar Cupcake Toppers. You can download and print the Oscar Cupcake Toppers here. Just print, cut, and glue or tape to a tooth pick. How cute!

Popcorn Bar- This is crucial to any movie night or Oscar party at my house! Get some varieties of popcorn (think caramel, kettle, cheddar, and lots of butter!). Set out seasonings and toppings for your guests to indulge in. There are many seasonings to choose from. Head to the grocery store and go to the popcorn isle and you will see the plethora of flavors. As far as toppings go, we like M&M’s, trail mix, and Reeces Pieces.

DIY Concession Stand

Set out a tray with individual movie theater favorites. You can do full size or mini size. Set out your sodas, straws, and let your guests head to the concession area for snacks. For other drinks, I usually do individual champagne or sparkling ciders. Remember that it’s a party, so “fancy” drinks are in order. It is fun to have individual champagne and add some gold straws!

What’s a party without games? My guests love to fill out the Oscar ballots and see who gets the most right at the end of the evening. We also love to do Oscar bingo while watching the show. Download and print Oscar Night Bingo 2018. It makes watching the show that much more fun and engaging for you and your guests. I also like to give out prizes such as mini champagne bottles, or mini Oscar statues, along with some fun treats. Again, think gold Lindt and Ferrero Rocher chocolates 🙂

No party is complete without a photo booth! These are easy to print at home and make into props for group pictures. Use a tablecloth or wrapping paper on a section of a wall or door to create a back drop. Add streamers or balloons to make it more festive. Stick with your color themes. Have some fun photo props ready to go! Download Oscar Photo Props.

Last, but definitely not least, make a Hollywood swag bag as favors for your guests. I found gold bags and gold ribbon at my local Dollar Store. You can do the same thing with black or red bags and ribbon. For filling the bag, think theme colors and luxury items. Mini champagne, gold chocolates, lip balm, face masks, lotions, and movie gift cards would be perfect for this Hollywood swag bag.

Find fabulous Oscar night printable & ideas I love- The Dating Divas Oscar Party & Play Party Plan Oscar Party

Now the Oscar for best party host goes to…YOU! Congratulations! This will surely be a night to remember for you and your guests. Enjoy your party!

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