8 Ways You Can Be More Productive This Year, Starting Today!


It is 2018, and that means most of you have goals and aspirations for the new year. I know I sure do! Setting goals is a great way to motivate and improve all areas of your life. I also know it can be overwhelming to make all of these goals, and then not know where to start or how to prioritize. I have 8 tips I wanted to share with you on how to do just that! Type A or type whatever, this is a great way to start fresh and actually accomplish what you set out to do! 

  1. Make a list of 3 tangible goals that you really want to accomplish this year. Beside each goal right 3 bullet points of action that will help you achieve these goals. It sounds small, but this way you can keep your eye on the prize, and make some head way. If you accomplish these goals, make 3 new ones and repeat. You might surprise yourself with what you can accomplish in 12 months. 

  2. Buy a planner and use it! Paper or electronic, you need one to keep your kids schedule, your husbands schedule and your own schedule straight. Make reminders for your goals, jot down important dates and appointments. Look at it at least once a week to see what is coming up and stay on top of it instead of behind it. I use a combination of both. I like writing things down, and I also like the convenience of an app as well. 

  3. Declutter your work space. Start fresh and clean, literally. Clean out that junk pie of mail, find your business cards, organize it all! You can find pretty much everything you need at the Dollar Store to keep an office space tidy and ready for business. Mail holder, folder for bills, more pens, whatever! It does not have to be fancy, but clean it up and spruce it up!

  4. Pick your favorite motivational quote and frame in on your desk, or your screen saver. Now that your office is clean and your goals are set, lets stay motivated! Do not lose your mojo when the day ends, each time you see this quote of encouragement or drive, remember you can do all things, even hard, mundane, or boring things. You got this!

  5. Plan your meals out for the week. Each meal, each ingredient needed, make a list and go to the store only one time. You can also use a fabulous grocery service like Amazon Fresh or Instacart. It is a beautiful thing

  6. Schedule yourself your next me time. Just like everything else needs to be scheduled, so does along time to breath and refresh. This can be a s simple as telling your husband on Thursday nights he is on bedtime duty. Lock yourself in your room with a book, snack and Netflix. Or maybe you need a long jog, early bedtime, whatever relaxes and recharges you-do it. In order to be the best you, your body and mind need a regular rest and break too! 

  7. Evaluate your health. Are you drinking water, eating healthy and fueling your body, or are your eating and sleeping habits the reason your are burnt out? I have been there. This is just one step to a big change and commitment. Maybe you need to workout on a regular  basis or drink more water, maybe you need to purge your kitchen. Staying healthy, and keeping your body strong plays a big part in our mental and physical ability to be the boss babe you want to be! 

  8. Last but not least, look back acknowledge and celebrate your progress. Even if it is at the end of the day, week, or month. Make sure you recognize the hard work you are putting in. 

Repeat these steps as needed. I can say from personal experience that by doing these 8 things, it will lead to a great deal of accomplishment and productivity! Here is to getting it done! 


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