The Well Balanced Easter Basket

It’s that time of year again, Easter; new life, new hope, new flowers and spring! Can you tell I am a little excited!? Although I love Easter and all the joy it brings, I do not like the sugar high and left over candy that forever stays in my cupboard. A few years ago I started limiting my kids Easter baskets to only 1 or 2 treats and a few fun toys/activities. This was much more pleasing for me, and to my surprise, my kids! Even better, is that’s its more budget friendly! Why not throw in some of the things I know I will end up buying in the coming months? They love getting a few gifts in addition to a few treats!

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Luvo Meals~Healthy Convenience!

Sometimes you just need a quick solution to lunch or dinner. That does not mean you have to settle for some low par freezer meal. You can have a delicious, healthy, and satisfying meal in minutes with Luvo! As a Moms Meet Ambassador, I was invited to try out Luvo products for myself. [Read more…]

AmazonFresh~A Mom’s BFF!


As a stay at home mom, I love products and services that help make my everyday life more pleasant. I have to admit, going to the grocery store is not my favorite thing in the world, but my family still requires groceries on a regular basis! Go figure!
Amazon has announced that AmazonFresh is now available in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Prime customers in eligible zip codes can use AmazonFresh for a monthly fee of $14.99 as an Add-on to their Prime membership.

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New Breakfast Items At Chick-fil-A!


Calling all Chick-fil-A lovers! Did you know the DC market is one of the first areas to try some fabulous new items? I recently had the privilege of checking out these new menu items, and I am here to say that you, too, need to try them!

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UNEEK Kids~ The Sandal/Runner Hybrid!


My kids are very active. When it comes to summer fun activities, flip flops just don’t cut it. They were so excited when they saw the new UNEEK shoes from Keen. This unique collection mirrors the adult UNEEK shoes and defies traditional footwear style through its innovative two-cord construction and open-air footwear technology. Available in five vibrant color combos for youth and children, they are water-repellent nylon cords manufactured to adapt to the natural form of kiddo’s feet for a custom and comfortable fit—perfect for exploring the trails, city hopping and running through the sand!

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Comcast XFINITY~ Fabulous Features!


I had the privilege of attending a Comcast Luncheon with some other awesome #XFINITYMoms. It was an opportunity for us moms to learn about the cool, new technology that Comcast has to offer. It was fun to get our hands on the latest and greatest and to mingle with and ask questions of the great customer service and tech teams from Comcast.

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Honestly, I Prefer Honest Tea!


Now that Spring has officially decided to stay, that calls for refreshments! Some might go for the nearest soda or surgary filled juice, but honestly… I reach for Honest Tea! I love the selection that Honest Tea has to offer. One of my favorite drinks has to be the Half and Half. Yes, I love a cool, refreshing Honest Tea beverage over any soda, any day!

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Ninja Coffee Bar~No Barista Needed!


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love coffee! I love the smell, the sound of it brewing, the endless varieties, the warmness in my hand. Yes, I love coffee. As much as I like going to my favorite coffee shop, I was intrigued to hear that you can make your own gourmet drinks right on your countertop.

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teachSTIX~ The Best Way To Learn Sight Words!


Do you have a child who is learning how to read or starting to recognize sight words? Then you need to check out teachSTIX! I received a pack of preschool age appropriate sight words for my youngest child. teachSTIX are reusable educational decals designed to boost a child’s reading skills.

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Shark® Rocket® Powerhead Vacuum


We all know that with the holidays comes along the pre-cleaning prep followed by the after holiday house reset! I wish I could just press a magic button and watch my house transform to the way it was… skipping the dusting, moving furniture, Christmas light roll up, and the messiest job of all, the tree removal! Thankfully, my new bff arrived just in time!

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