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Sometimes falling asleep can be hard to do. My middle child struggles with this on a daily basis. When he was diagnosed with ADHD, we decided to use a mix of natural and medicinal treatments. Finding the right balance for this was difficult. One area that is particularly challenging for him is falling asleep. With lavender essential oil, no screen time, and the discovery of weighted blankets- we found our solution!

I have always loved essential oils and what they can do for you. I swear by them. Some of my favorite products to use are Oilogic Essential Oils. I put the Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil on about a half hour before bed. He usually reads a minimum of 30 minutes (if not more) before bed. Last but not least, he uses a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets provide comfort, calmness, and ease restlessness. Weighted blankets are “weighted” with plastic poly pellets that are sewn into compartments, and they usually weigh between 15 to 30 pounds. They help ease anxiety and combat insomnia by relaxing the nervous system via extra pressure — a form of deep touch therapy. Studies suggest that when deep pressure points are triggered, they cause the brain to release more of the mood-lifting neurotransmitter, serotonin. My child would toss and turn and continue movement until he fell asleep. Weighted blankets can help fight those urges. It is amazing the difference it made for my child. Did you know your skin can feel touch as light as one-thousandth of an ounce, the equivalent of a mosquito’s weight? The weight makes all the difference in a calm, restful night’s sleep for us.


Our weighted blanket comes from The Magic Blanket, and we couldn’t be happier with our selection. I loved the selection for both kids and adults, from the fabric to the color and patterns, and of course the weight.

What Makes The Magic Blanket The Smart Choice?

  • More Fabric Choices, Including Luxuriously Soft Chenille and Minky, as well as Cotton, Flannel and Fleece
  • Most Orders Completed And Ready To Ship In Two to Three Days
  • Everyday Low Prices
  • Highest Quality Construction By Skilled Sewing Professionals
  • Sewn without visible stitching, giving The Magic Blanket a smooth, non-therapeutic look
  • Over 18 Years of Experience Providing Calm and Comforting Sleep


If your child has a sensory disorder, hyperactivity disorder, or anxiety, I highly recommend using The Magic Blanket. This product is Kid Tested and Mom Approved!

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I was provided this product in exchange for review. As Always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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