Change How You Charge with Samsung

If you are like me, then you are always using your phone and wondering why there is never enough battery life on it. You need to charge your phone while shopping or letting the kids play a game on it. Let’s face it, we all need a charged phone to function in 2017! Thanks to great products like Samsung portable chargers, you don’t need the charger that came with your phone or an outlet to get the job done! 

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Save Money & Energy With ENERGY STAR Certified Products!

Doing laundry is one of life’s never ending chores. It is a must at least once per week in our house, and sometimes more! Did you know you could be saving money and energy while doing laundry? It’s true, with the help of ENERGY STAR® certified electronics and appliances! [Read more…]

What All Merchants Need Before The Holiday Rush


Are you a small business owner ready to take it to the next level? Or maybe you do not know where to begin? Or perhaps you are an established business looking to simplify your customers’ experience? Merchant Account Solutions is here for you! Merchant Account Solutions (MAS) is one of the most innovative, fastest growing payment solution providers in the industry. Merchant Account Solutions is revolutionizing the payment industry by providing groundbreaking technology and superior customer support while keeping in mind what’s most important: watching your bottom-line!

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Knolly Nibbles The APP is Here!


Get the KNOLLY NIBBLES app this Wednesday, August 17th! KNOLLY NIBBLES is an interactive Story app of little Knolly Nibbles who is born without a tail and heart shaped ears. [Read more…]

IntelliGLASS Screen Protector~ Mom Tough!


My phone was long overdue for a screen protector. I admit, I just bought the cheapest one, and it did not do the job it was supposed to. That’s why I was excited to try the IntelliGLASS iPhone6/6S Anti-Radiation Screen Protector by IntelliARMOR. 

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Parent Social Media Safety Webinar


Most parents are shocked to learn some of the apps on their student’s phone are anonymous, or have anonymous features. Then, the parents have questions, about what they can and should be doing about these apps. This summer, we’re supporting a free social media safety webinar to teach parents the “17 bad apps their children should never use.”

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