Change How You Charge with Samsung

If you are like me, then you are always using your phone and wondering why there is never enough battery life on it. You need to charge your phone while shopping or letting the kids play a game on it. Let’s face it, we all need a charged phone to function in 2017! Thanks to great products like Samsung portable chargers, you don’t need the charger that came with your phone or an outlet to get the job done! 

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Save Money & Energy With ENERGY STAR Certified Products!

Doing laundry is one of life’s never ending chores. It is a must at least once per week in our house, and sometimes more! Did you know you could be saving money and energy while doing laundry? It’s true, with the help of ENERGY STAR® certified electronics and appliances! [Read more…]

CozyPhones ~ Must Have Accessory For Mom & Kids

CozyPhones are the comfortable headband headphones that make listening to music or audio a breeze! With a flexible and durable 1.5 meter braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. It will not kink, twist or break under normal use. Use with all your favorite devices. There are many styles of CozyPhones, including for kids, workout, and sleep! [Read more…]

Shark® Rocket® Powerhead Vacuum


We all know that with the holidays comes along the pre-cleaning prep followed by the after holiday house reset! I wish I could just press a magic button and watch my house transform to the way it was… skipping the dusting, moving furniture, Christmas light roll up, and the messiest job of all, the tree removal! Thankfully, my new bff arrived just in time!

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