Stonyfield Is Helping Our #FutureLeaders

When in the trenches of motherhood, it is easily forgotten that while wiping faces, making dinners, and helping with homework, that we are raising the future leaders of this world. It is quite daunting to think about, but so true. We are raising our children to become adults who make this world a better place. Thats why I am excited to partner with Stonyfield in raising awareness for their #FutureLeaders campaign.  [Read more…]

7 Ways You Can Teach Your Kids To Be A Good Earth Citizen As They Head Into Fall


We are all citizens of planet earth. In an effort to teach my own kids to be good earth citizens, we practice sustainability in and outside of our home. The school year has begun to ramp up, which means extracurricular activities are starting, and life is getting busier during this season. I have shared some activities my kids and I do on a regular basis in an effort to be good stewards and citizens of earth. [Read more…]