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  1. I like staying outdoors longer.

  2. Amanda Stovall says:

    What I love about Spring most is that the temperature outside is finally starting to warm up and I love that that means taking my kiddos to our Park to play!

  3. Elis Brockway says:


  4. Donna Newman says:

    Warm weather and the flowers blooming

  5. I love the Spring rains and cool weather.

  6. Nikolina says:

    I love those first sunny days and nature awakening in spring!

  7. Janet W. says:

    I love the weather and temperature outside in the spring. It’s perfect for playing tennis outdoors!

  8. Lisa Brown says:

    i love getting out more in nice weather to walk.

  9. I love running outside in the spring because the weather is perfect!

  10. Janice Dean says:

    I love the lack of snow and the warmer weather!

  11. Kim Henrichs says:

    The best thing about Spring is getting the garden going!

  12. Nichole McK says:

    my favorite thing about spring is all the flowers and new life all around

  13. Marti Tabora says:

    I love that I can start wearing my sandals and flip flops again. It sounds silly, but that’s what makes me happy.

  14. Patrick Siu says:

    I like the warm weather.

  15. the blooming flowers

  16. shelly peterson says:

    I like the warmer weather and blooming flowers.

  17. I love the warm weather

  18. Stephanie says:

    i love the weather

  19. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I love spring cleaning.

  20. The warmer weather.

  21. I love the flowers and the colours. Gardening. The sweet smell of grass.

  22. I love the warmer weather in spring.

  23. Jay Jackson says:

    I love that I can plant my garden, I love fresh vegetables.

  24. Lisa Williams says:

    I love Spring for the warmer weather,the flowers in bloom,and all the cute baby animals being born in nature.

  25. its golfing time I love that

  26. Mahdi Martin says:

    I love the plentiful rain a new growth!

  27. Cynthia R says:

    I love the temperatures in the spring, it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot.

  28. I love the sense of renewal that comes with Spring.

  29. I love seeing all the flowers bloom, and that summer is closer!

  30. Robin Abrams says:

    I love the warmer weather

  31. Becky Richardson says:

    I love planting my flowers in the spring.

  32. Stephanie says:

    The weather, but I don’t enjoy the pollen.

  33. I love the warmer weather.

  34. Sherry Compton says:

    I love the blooming flowers and birds singing.

  35. Wendy Caddy says:

    I love the tree blossoms and the lilacs.

  36. The thing I love about Spring is I an start planting seeds and putting out my summer things in the yard.

  37. I love the sunshine!

  38. Soha Molina says:

    I love the new flowers.

  39. I love that the snow starts to disappear (it’s all gone here now) and that the world starts to put on it’s beautiful colors. It also helps that the warmer weather comes, and I’m not as sore in warmer weather.

  40. Melissa Storms says:

    I love the warmer weather during the spring months.

  41. Cheryl B says:

    I love the warmer temps and all that sunshine.

  42. Susan Smith says:

    I love the warmer weather and the flowers blooming.

  43. Ann Fantom says:

    My favorite thing about Spring is the yellow blooms of the forsynthia bushes around my house.

  44. One thing I love about the springtime is that sense of new/renewed energy in the air. I also love the comfortable weather, and of course the lovely flowers!

  45. Love the warmer weather and the blooming flowers

  46. Stephanie says:

    I love the warmer weather and the thunderstorms.

  47. I love going for long walks with my dog and kids. Thanks for giving.
    Besos Sarah

  48. Connie Lee says:

    I love to see the flowers start blooming and the warm weather.

  49. Steve Weber says:

    I love that it’s one season closer to summer.

  50. Nicole Martin says:

    I love all the flowers!

  51. My favorite thing about spring is the flowers blooming.

  52. Kathy Ross says:

    I like having the windows open and letting the house air out.

  53. Kelly Nicholson says:

    What do you love about Spring?

    i love the weather..all except for the hard rains

  54. Charity Cram says:

    I love the warmer weather and the beautiful blooming trees! Thank you for the chance to win!

  55. Anita Duvall says:

    First of all, I love the warm, mild temperatures. Then I love all of the new blooms every day.

  56. Being able to open the windows and get fresh air in the house. Unfortunately, in my part of New York, it’s still not spring. Turned the heat off for 3 days, then it came right back on because it’s so cold. LOL.

  57. Angela Saver says:

    I love the beautiful blooms during the spring!

  58. Terra Heck says:

    I like sitting outside on the back porch in the warm weather and listening to the birds chirp. Thanks.

  59. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    I love switching out my winter wardrobe for my spring/summer clothes

  60. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I love planting my flower and veggie gardens

  61. Dana Rodriguez says:

    The beautiful weather is my favorite thing about Spring.

  62. Flowers blooming

  63. I love the weather

  64. Stephanie Grant says:

    I love the weather and being about to go out and do family time outdoors!

  65. I love being able to open up my doors and windows to air out the house from the winter!

  66. I love being able to walk to the park and have picnic lunches with my toddler!

  67. Blythe J says:

    I love the warmer weather and the smell of flowers most.

  68. rita leonard says:

    I love the blooming flowers and walking through the park in the nice weather

  69. wendy hutton says:

    I love the warmer weather and seeing everything turn green

  70. Dawn Ballo says:

    I love the warmer weather & planting flowers.

  71. i love the weather because i get to spend more time outdoors.

  72. Rhonda W G. says:

    I like the Spring days that are warm but not too hot. Getting flower planters is such a joy for me…

  73. I love seeing all the baby animals.

  74. Jennylyn Gross says:

    The sweet smell in the air

  75. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I really do love the beautiful weather in Michigan! It is so perfect for a run right now.

  76. Barbara Montag says:

    I love the warmer weather in the spring for outdoor walking.
    thank you

  77. Eloise Carlson says:

    I just love the warmer weather, the beautiful flowers popping up everywhere in the yard, and being able to be outside to play basketball and football with the kids. Thanks so very much for the chance! 🙂

  78. Tainan Lu says:

    I love the weather

  79. Mary Cloud says:

    I love the warm weather and the longer days

  80. I love the rain and everything blooming.

  81. Debra Guillen says:

    I love Spring because I can open my windows up and enjoy the outdoors after the long winter and before it gets too hot in summer.

  82. Judy Cox says:

    I love the trees getting their leaves back and the flowers blooming. Everything looks so bright and clean!!

  83. Tara Darity says:

    I love the warmer weather and going out with the kids!!

  84. I like the warm weather.

  85. Rajeeva Jayaratne says:

    blooming of flowers.

  86. I love flowers and that the weather is getting warmer!

  87. Ellie Wright says:

    My favorite thing about spring is baseball season.
    Both Major League and Little League.

  88. I like spring weather.

  89. Katie Bellamy says:

    My favorite thing about Spring is the green grass!!

  90. Debbie F says:

    I’m a grouch and don’t like Spring. 🙂
    I love the cold weather and where I live it gets hot as bleep-bleep and all the big bugs come out so Spring is just a reminder that Summer is coming.
    But for a few days the weather IS nice. 🙂

  91. I love nice weather!

  92. Hannah C says:

    I love the spring weather.

  93. Andrea Williams says:

    Sunny skies and cool, breezy weather.

  94. I love all the beautiful flowers.

  95. I love how fresh and new the world seems. I love the warmer temperatures and the flowers blooming.

  96. I like the nice warm weather and that flowers are in bloom.

  97. Bryan Vice says:

    I love spring because after being cooped up in the house all winter can get out and go fishing and take the kids to the park and play

  98. I love the flowers in Spring.

  99. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like the weather.

  100. Lindsay A. says:

    I love it when the days become longer, & I can smell the flowers in the air!

  101. lisagee1234 says:

    Birds & Flowers

  102. kelley wood says:

    The beautiful birds and my hammock!

  103. Randi S says:

    I love the warmer- but not too hot weather!

  104. Anastasia says:

    I love all the plants and flowers perking up 🙂 I also love being able to open the windows and get some fresh air in the house 🙂

  105. Sarah Blake says:

    1) favorite thing about spring is the smell of rain

    2) accidentally typoed on instagram name… it’s sarry777, not sarry77

  106. janetfaye says:

    I love Spring flowers and trees.

  107. Linda Walker says:

    I love the flowers.

  108. Serge B says:

    More daylight hours!!

  109. Teresa A Thompson says:

    I love being outdoors more. Working in my garden and playing with my grandkids.

  110. Heather B says:

    I love seeing my Lilac come back to life!

  111. Shelley says:

    I love the flowers and warmer weather!

  112. Michelle J. says:

    I love the warm weather!

  113. Tiffany S says:

    I love the warmer weather.

  114. courtney hennagir says:

    I love the warmer weather and being able to get the kids back outside!

  115. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I love the warmer weather.. taking long walks around my neighborhood and working in my yard.

  116. Jan Lee says:

    I love warmer weather, and no snow!! lol I like to see all the plants growing and wearing cooler clothing 🙂

  117. Tracy Robertson says:

    I love being able to go swimming!

  118. I love seeing all the spring blooms!

  119. Ryan Spencer says:

    What I love about spring is the cool breezy weather.

  120. elizabeth miller says:

    what i love the most about spring is the nice mix of warmer and cooler weather.

  121. Jessica Cox says:

    I love getting to take the kids outside to play

  122. I love seeing my Tulips & Daffodils blooming!

  123. Kelly Grant says:

    the clean air, warm weather, and beautiful flowers.

  124. Jeanna Massman says:

    I love all the blooming flowers and plants in the Spring.

  125. samantha penrod says:

    I love all the flowers blooming.

  126. aaron reck says:

    I like going hiking at the lake and seeing all the plants come back to life and the wildlife.

  127. Shannon says:

    I like gardening and being able to go camping.

  128. Daniel M says:

    seeing all the plants come up again

  129. DeAnna Keller says:

    I love the warm weather and the blooming flowers!

  130. MelodyJ says:

    I like the flowers.

  131. Lauren Becker says:

    I love the nicer weather – I love that it’s my birthday!

  132. Hargow Wong says:

    I love the warmer weather and longer daylight.

  133. I love to go on “Day Trips” with my hubby to Nature Sanctuaries for walks and picture taking! Thanks and God Bless!

  134. Cassandra D. says:

    I like the flowers that bloom.

  135. I like the warm weather.

  136. Carolyn Daley says:

    I love the warm weather and spring showers.

  137. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I love that the weather is perfect for being outdoors.

  138. Kayla Klontz says:

    I love the rain showers and watching the flowers bloom.

  139. I love being able to go outside with my kids each day.

  140. Stephanie Larison says:

    I love the perfect weather for taking the kids to the park.

  141. Francine Anchondo says:

    I love the nice weather

  142. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I love all the flowers in the garden blooming

  143. Juana Esparza says:

    I love the weather.

  144. wen budro says:

    Right now- I’m really loving being able to open my windows again. The fresh air and sunshine feels good after a long Winter.

  145. Renee Rousseau says:

    I love Lilacs! My lilacs bloomed for the first time this spring!

  146. The warmer weather and the closer we are to summer

  147. Warm weather.

  148. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    I am enjoying the warm weather and looking forward to some time at the lake with my fishing buddies (my kids).

  149. Beth Minyard says:

    I love that baseball season starts!

  150. Erin Madigan says:

    My favorite thing about Springtime is the weather!

  151. I love to see the sun.

  152. Linda Kish says:

    I like the weather in Spring.

  153. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I love to take photos of the spring in the higher or rising sun, of nature including the flowers and scenery.

  154. I love the beautiful weather

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