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Calling all pizza lovers! I don’t think I know a person who doesn’t love pizza. I do, however, know people who have to keep it at arm’s length due to dietary reasons. Introducing Smart Flour Foods and their delicious line of gluten free pizza!

You heard that right, gluten free pizza! Smart Flour Foods started off by making gluten free pizza crusts for restaurants and they still do. Now they have expanded into tasty new products like frozen pizza, pizza crusts, and hamburger buns in restaurants and retailers across the country! What makes the Smart Flour blend different is their trio of ancient grains that mix for a perfect combination of taste, texture and nutrition. The ancient grains serve as the base of every product they make.

Sorghum– Antioxidants for well-being.
Sorghum is full of insoluble fiber (which is good for your gut) and acts as an antioxidant. It also happens to be one of the oldest known grains (and it’s been in our flour blend since the beginning of Smart Flour, too). 

Amaranth- The power of protein.You might not have heard of amaranth, but it’s one of a kind. It’s chock-full of protein (try 15-18%) and amino acids that most grains don’t have. Oh, and did we mention the calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A and C? Yeah, those too.

Teff- Hello, calcium! Teff is smaller than our other grains (it takes 3,000 grains to make one gram). But it’s still packed with bran and germ — that’s the nutritious stuff. In fact, it has so much calcium you can say it twice. (It has so much calcium!)

Smart Flour Foods believes that gluten free food should taste good and be good for you, too. Their line of pizza is anything but plain and ordinary. Smart Flour offers pizza flavors such as classic cheese, uncured pepperoni, chicken sausage, tuscan inspired and more! Is your mouth watering yet? Click here to find Smart Flour pizza in a store near you.

This coming weekend I will be hosting a Tasting Party featuring Smart Flour pizza! I can’t wait to see what my guests think, and if they can tell that it is gluten free. We will also be comparing it to other frozen pizza. Be sure to check back in and hear what people are saying about Smart Flour Foods.

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