Parent Social Media Safety Webinar


Most parents are shocked to learn some of the apps on their student’s phone are anonymous, or have anonymous features. Then, the parents have questions, about what they can and should be doing about these apps. This summer, we’re supporting a free social media safety webinar to teach parents the “17 bad apps their children should never use.”

Webinar Details: Parent Digital Citizenship Webinar
What: Free 60-minute training to become more of a social media safety expert
Who: Parents of kids 5-17 years old
Where: Online at
When: Each week
– June 15th @ 1PM PT (Wednesday)
– June 18th @ 9AM PT (Saturday)
– June 25th @ 9am PT (Saturday)
– June 29th @ 5PM PT (Wednesday)
How: Use your phone or a computer to join in
Why: This event will help parents to go from confused about social media, to comfortable in 60 minutes.

In this free webinar you will learn:
The 17 apps your student should never use.
How bad apps market themselves to your students.
Why your students gravitate towards these harmful apps.
The 3 hidden app features that encourage bad behavior (from even the best students).
How to spot harmful apps (so you can become an expert to protect your kids).
How you can talk with your student about these negative apps.

As a parent, I know how important online safety is. I hope you will join me in signing up for this webinar and help keep our kids safe online!

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