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It’s that time of year again… back to school! One thing that means in our house is getting back into the habit of packing lunches. I don’t know about you, but packing a healthy lunch that I know my kid will eat is so important to me. I hold dear the precious teachers who have to deal with a class of 25 students for 8 hours every day. I can’t imagine what teaching a room full of 25 hungry, cranky, or sugar- filled kids is like. Just as breakfast plays an important start to the day, lunch will help your child through the afternoon. I want to fill my kids lunches with healthy, delicious, REAL food. Thanks to Whole Foods Market, you can find everything you need to pack healthy lunches that you know your kids will love.


One method I found that works for us is the bento style lunch. A bento box is a compacted, balanced, visually appealing (optional) packed lunch. Packed in reusable containers, they reduce lunch waste such as plastic baggies and disposable containers, and allow you to pack a better variety of food for lunch. This also makes it easy to monitor portion control. I love the idea of many small things to make up a well-rounded, nutritious lunch. Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Line is committed to keeping standards high and prices affordable. With a huge variety of everyday products, this is the perfect option for families to eat healthy, while not breaking the bank.

The Basic Ingredients For a Healthy Lunch

1-Add a starch or protein

2-Add fruit

3-Add veggies

4-Add a healthy snack

5-Add water or sugar-free juice

The more ahead of time that I can prep, the more organized and ready I feel in the morning. It also saves me from throwing junk in my kids’ lunches. I almost always make my lunches the night before. It saves a few minutes in the morning that you could use to make that healthy breakfast. Consider doing a lunch prep session on the weekend. A friend of mine cuts all of her fruit and veggies for the week on Sunday night so they are ready to toss in a lunch box. Make a master list of lunches and set certain food for certain days, or rotate through as you’d like. That way you are never wondering what you should pack, and your kids can look forward to their favorites! Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value has you covered on kid friendly lunch items, healthy snacks and more! Last but not least, I add a fun lunch box note to encourage my child, or just to make them smile. I also print them out ahead of time (enough for about one month) and cut them out so they are ready to use. Encourage your kids to help! My older two love making sandwiches and adding the fruit they like. Plus, that means less work for me!

For more great lunch packing tips and ideas, check out my Lunch Tips & Tricks Board on Pinterest

Happy packing, everyone!

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