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I recently dowloaded the Ouli App… have you heard of it? Ouli is your personal concierge. It presents you with 3 personalized choices based on your chosen activity, time, location, and history and preferences. No more wasting time searching through hundreds of results to find what you are actually searching for! Ouli does all the work for you. You can also search ahead of time for when you know you will be in one of the neighborhoods. Ouli has started in the Arlington, VA area and is quickly expanding to other neighborhoods!

That being said, I have used Ouli three times and have loved it! My husband and I went on a date to Bistro 360. It was such a romantic setting with delicious food. We also visited Uncle Julio’s and Upper Crust Pizzeria as a family. All three restaurants had deals going on, great food, and a great atmosphere. Bistro 360 was offering 15% off the entire purchase Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays for Ouli members. Uncle Julio’s alerted us of a great happy hour special, not exclusive to Ouli, but it was convenient to be alerted of the deal. Upper Crust Pizzeria offered a discount for students, which we are not 🙂 but we love pizza as much as the next person! This is what the offers look like…

IMG_2237 IMG_2429 IMG_2238

Once you like an offer/suggestion, you can select that you are interested, add it to your calendar and set a reminder, or select take me there- which gives you directions. You can see pictures, hours, and read Yelp reviews, too. Once you have selected or declined offers, Ouli learns what you like and don’t like. So the app will cater to  your preferences!

I like browsing through the neighborhoods and seeing the offers and specials. I also like seeing if anything catches my eye as I browse. It is great to receive the push notifications if I am near an Ouli merchant. This app is not just for restaurants, but also services as well, such as salons and spas! I think Ouli has a great list of merchants and I am most definitely going to continue using this app. Download Ouli today!

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This is a sponsored post.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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