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When you think of hemp, you may not be thinking of a nutritious, healthy, tasty snack for you and your family. You must not have tried Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food Products. Manitoba Harvest primarily focuses on hemp foods. Hemp foods have a slightly nutty taste that can go with anything. These little nuggets are full of tasty goodness.

What is Hemp, You Ask?

Hemp is a sustainable crop that is seeded in late May/early June. Hemp plants grow close together and have large broad leaves. Approximately 120 days after seeding, hemp harvest begins. Hemp that is grown in Western Canada is primarily used for hemp foods. At the top part of the hemp plant you will find the hard hemp seed. This small seed “seeds” nutritiously delicious products like Hemp Hearts, hemp protein powder, and hemp oil. Food, clothing, rope, paper, building materials, animal bedding/herd, plastic, paint, fuel – the list of hemp applications goes go on and on. We like to call hemp the “green buffalo” as every part of the plant can be used. 

Once you try the delicious nutty Hemp Hearts and other Manitoba Hemp Harvest Products, you will see how tasty they really are. This snack item is great for on the go, for moms and kids! Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Products are all non-gmo project verified, so you can feel great about sharing with the whole family! You can sprinkle the Hemp Hearts in oatmeal, smoothies, or granola for some extra nutrition. Add some Hemp Hearts to your baking recipies. You can also drizzle hemp oil over you food or even use to make your own dressings! Check out some great recipes on their website here. They have an amazing selection of recipes. I’m sure you will find many you could use 🙂 Putting in good nutritious fuel into my body is a huge priority for me and my family. I love discovering new products like Hemp Hearts that help me do just that!


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food Products has a full line of many great Hemp products including bars, protein powder, oil, and of course the hemp hearts. You can learn more about each of these products and even grab a coupon, here!

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