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Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? It has never been easier to do so with italki

What is italki? 

italki, an online language learning platform that connects students to teachers from all over the world using online video conferencing, revealed that residents living in Arlington, Va. are learning new languages more than any other city’s residents. In comparison to other U.S. cities, Arlington italki students take 50 percent more online language classes, totaling more than 1,400 classes.

How do you use it?

1. Choose a teacher- Watch the teacher’s video introduction, and read reviews from previous students You will be working one on one with your teacher. 

2. Choose a date and time- Choose a time that’s convenient for you.

3. Connect! Take your lesson on Skype or other video chat software.

What makes italki great? 

Teachers on italki can customize each class based on your needs and interests. You are not stuck with a set curriculum — learn what you want to learn! On italki you pay by the lesson. Don’t worry about expensive up-front fees. You can learn at your own pace. On italki you pay by the lesson. Don’t worry about expensive up-front fees. You can learn at your own pace. 

Check out these great testimonials! 

On italki you pay by the lesson. Don’t worry about expensive up-front fees. You can learn at your own pace. Ashley Whitman, a 27-year-old, Mexican-American woman living in Arlington, did not grow up speaking Spanish, but longed to feel connected to her culture. For Ashley and other Arlington residents, italki allows them to explore the world and other cultures through language. “I took Spanish in high school and college and have always wanted to be fluent but never had anyone to practice with. Conversations with a native speaker have been a perfect way to up my language ability and comprehension,” said Whitman. “My grandfather spoke Spanish and my mom is Mexican American, so it’s always been a desire of mine to be able to speak the language of my ancestors.”

Kevin Chen, italki’s chief executive officer and Georgetown University graduate, was born in the U.S. to parents from Taiwan. Like Whitman, Chen didn’t grow up speaking Chinese or Taiwanese; he leveraged his bicultural experience to co-create a startup that is now one of the leading platforms connecting people – through language – from around the world. “Every day, thousands of language classes are scheduled through the site, and we hope that those lessons help people around the world overcome language and communication barriers,” said Chen. “Our students enjoy learning from people from different countries, and our teachers feel rewarded by helping students connect to their language and culture.”

italki’s students learn new languages faster and more authentically by connecting them with real people who fluently speak the desired language. italki currently has 3 million students and 5,000 teachers of 100 languages, including American Sign Language. Stop waiting and start leaning today! 

Want to win a free lesson? Comment below telling me the language you would like to learn for a chance to win a FREE lesson! 


This is a sponsored post and I received compensation. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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