Finding Inspiration From The Women Behind & Beside Me

I am a woman. I am a mom, daughter, sister, friend, boss, go getter, and a hard worker. I am many things to many people and I wear many hats. One of my most favorite hats to put on each day is the hat of the boss. Yes, I am my own boss, and I run my own business-my business of my blog. I love that I get to cultivate my voice into my passion and share about things that I am interested in on a daily basis. As a woman, I work had to balance these hats, keep my priorities straight, keep my goals high, and I strive to achieve greatness every single day, just as the women beside me do and the women before me did. 

I am inspired by so many amazing women in my life. Whether I know them personally or aspire to be like them, I have some incredible examples of what women stand for. Today, my own mother inspires me to be the best that I can be. She was a hard worker and always put others first. My mother was never about the destination, for her it was always about the journey. She taught me it was never too late to go after a dream. She took risks and she learned from her mistakes. I have a never ending drive and work ethic thanks to this woman.

I recently learned of another woman that reminds me of my mother. Laura Copenhaver had a huge impact on her community and surroundings. She too, wore a lot of hats, and truly made a difference. As I learned more about this woman, her passion shines through her dedicated work and the life she lived. She is an inspiration for generations to come! Laura Copenhaver, a native of Marion, Virginia, taught English at Marion College, utilized her English skills to create a number of popular church hymns, and advocated for the improvement of Smyth County’s educational system. Laura prompted her local Women’s Missionary Society to establish the Konnarock Training School in 1925. Konnarock provided entry-level academic and religious education to children unable to attend traditional public schools. Copenhaver became increasingly involved in the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation as well, which was established in 1926 in Marion. She promoted the cooperative marketing of farm products to improve the standard of living for farm families. Copenhaver practiced these strategies personally by producing textiles from local farm products out of her own estate, known as Rosemont, with the assistance of several other local women. Not only did she spread an important message, she practiced what she preached! She soon transformed this endeavor into Rosemont Industries, which expanded to include the production of rugs, quilts, and other popular home goods that were sold across the world. Talk about a Girl Boss! Copenhaver’s efforts to improve economic conditions in southwestern Virginia ultimately helped the region through the Great Depression. 

This is a woman who strived to make a difference and did not stop once she met her goal. She continued to surpass them all.   To do good, to BE the change. She set new goals and continued to achieve them. Laura Copenhaver began her own company and helped several other women while doing so. That is something that really speaks to me, to not set out to complete a goal, but to see past it once completed and continue to work towards the bigger picture. Helping the women around her, providing practical help, jobs, and a whole lot of inspiration. Like my mother, I see that Laura Copenhaver was also much more interested in the journey rather the destination. 

Laura Copenhaver is one of 12 women being featured by the 2019 Commemoration in the March to Mother’s Day campaign. These twelve women have shaped the history of Virginia and paved the way for women today. In partnership with the 2019 Commemoration, The Women’s Monument Commission and the Virginia Capitol Foundation are commissioning 12 statues of these historic women on the Virginia State Capitol grounds. This will be one of the most significant tributes to the contributions of women in the state of VA. I can not wait to see it! 

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Happy early Mother’s Day to all of you magnificent moms out there, working hard and achieving greatness! 


This post is brought to you by the 2019 Commemoration / American Evolution. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the 2019 Commemoration. 

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