DIY Post-it Stand


This month at our MOPS meeting we made the cutest little note stands. They are so easy, cheap and versatile, you need one in your house and office! The idea is simple. We all need notes at any given moment, yet can never seem to find those sticky notes at that exact second in time. Having a decorative stand or two around will solve that problem.

Here’s What You Need….

  • 4×6 picture frame (Walmart has them for $.96)
  • Scrapbook paper of your choosing
  • Post-it Notes in your color of choice
  • Embellishments such as ribbon, stickers, washi tape
  • Hot Glue and Scissors

Here’s the How To….

  • Cut your scrapbook paper to fit the frame and place it in
  • Embellish however you choose, use hot glue as needed
  • Place Post-it Notes on the frame

You now have yourself a cute reminder that you can set out anywhere! Here are some of the ones the ladies in our group made.


I’d love to see how you chose to decorate yours!

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