DIY Mini Must Have Kit for Moms! ~Chick-fil-A Upcycle!

I love to upcycle and I love Chick-fil-A, so the chance to re-use a Chick-fil-A container was a fun one for me. As part of the Chick-fil-A Mom Panel, I love that I get to participate in creative challenges like these.

As a busy mom of three, sometimes I can remember everything for everyone except myself. When I saw the size of the small container for the Chicken Tortilla Soup, I knew it would be great for a mini must have kit for moms. What’s that you ask? It can be anything you want to put in this little container that you think you might need, or maybe that you often forget. Mine contains gum, mints, lotion, concealer, lip balm, and some cash. This way I can freshen up in a hurry, and I have some cash ready for when I need that milkshake or frosted lemonade 🙂

These are small, so they are great to go in the diaper bag, in your purse, or glove compartment of your car. This way you now  have a mini must have kit when you need it most! I would recommend checking it once a month and making sure your supplies are kept up.

You can make your own kit with a left over container, download this cute printable, and add some washi tape to decorate!



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