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Gru and his Minion crew are back in an all new adventure! Audiences be prepared for another chapter in the Despicable Me franchise. This third movie has all of the things you liked in the first two, plus more laughs, more adorableness, and more heart! See what my little minions thought of the film!

They loved it! In fact, the whole audience was laughing and giggling throughout the film. In Despicable Me 3, you find out Gru has a twin brother Drew. They are quite the opposite pair, but balance each other out nicely. It was funny to see what Gru would look like with long blonde locks of hair and happy all the time. After Gru loses his job, the two brothers team up to get a diamond back from a new villain. Balthazar Bratt is an 80’s child who is out for revenge on Hollywood, who I secretly love! He deserves his own movie! The Evil Bratt is stuck in his 80’s tv show, and I love everything about it. The music, the 80’s slang, the mullet, it made me laugh too much! A great nod to all the parents watching 🙂 While Drew wants to learn the villain ways, Gru just wants to get his job back and go back to his happy life. What a dilemma! 

In the midst of brothers bonding, Lucy is also trying to bond with the girls. There are many sweet and tender moments between these four, and it warms my heart. The girls see how deeply Lucy cares for them and Lucy discovers she has exactly what the girls need in a mom! 

Then of course, there are Minions. All the Minions actually quit and leave Gru, but things do not go their way and they all end up in jail! Que the hilarious escape and Minion adventures! 

Despicable me has a hilarious all star cast and delivers another hit with Despicable Me 3! See it in theaters everywhere this Friday!

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