Cars 3 Now In Theaters!

He’s faster than fast… he’s as fast as Lightning! Our favorite race car and his friends are back on the big screen for their newest adventure in the racing world! Let’s face it, it has been a while since good old Lightning was the rookie on the track. He once was the fastest car no doubt, but with new rookies creeping up on his speed and using the hottest racing technology, can Lightning McQueen keep up?

That is the haunting question that faces our pro racer. Should he continue? Should he throw in the towel? Of course his number one fans at Radiator Springs never doubt him for a second! They believe in good old Lightning McQueen and Sally encourages him to get back in the game, train, and become the best yet again!

Lightning McQueen gets in his truck and off to the new training center he goes! Here he meets the young, and quite motivating trainer, Cruz Ramirez! Cruz may be young, but she sure knows her stuff! She can push Lightning and the other cars in ways that help them better their performance. Of course there are many memorable moments along the way. 

Along the journey to the race, Lightning realizes he needs to drive smarter, not faster, than the other cars. In doing so he remembers his mentor Doc, and Doc’s former mentor. Lightning McQueen not only learns how to drive smarter, but how to be a mentor himself. I love that this film pays tribute to Lightning McQueen’s mentor and where he started from. It really brings the film full circle. Cars 3 sends a message not to give up on yourself, that things take practice, and putting others first can be very rewarding! 

Cars 3 is full of laughable moments, action packed races, and one heart warming ending. With an all star cast and brilliant story telling of Pixar, Cars 3 is a hit. This is my favorite of the Cars films, and I can’t wait to see it again! 

Cars 3 is now playing in theaters everywhere! For more Cars 3 fun, check out these activity packets

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