AHA-EmPOWERED To Serve Summit

It was an absolute privilege to attend the American Heart Associations EmPOWERED To Serve Summit last week. I was blown away by the stats, as well as the commitment to bring change and address barriers to healthy living and wellbeing in urban communities.  It was so great to attend and learn more about the EmPOWERED To Serve movement as a whole. 

The American Heart Association, through its EmPOWERED To Serve movement, is working in communities and joining with partners to address key factors that impact health: economic stability, education, societal influences, neighborhoods and healthcare. This is crucial to helping people live a healthy and fulfilled life. While attending the conference I had the privilege of meeting and hearing form each of the 10 finalists of the EmPOWERED To Serve Urban Business Storytelling Competition, who are trying to do just this. 

These men and women are committed to making a difference in their areas. They are committed to helping others and making our would a better place. It is so easy to take for granted things most of us have access to every day, like driving to work, eating healthy food, exercising, and so on. It was incredible to hear that these finalists are addressing these issues head on in their communities and having a vast impact. 

Did you know? 

Almost half of all non-Hispanic black adults have some form of cardiovascular disease, 47.7 percent of females and 46.0 percent of males. Hispanics (and African-Americans) with high blood pressure are less likely than Caucasians to get their condition under control, according to January 2017 research published in the Association’s Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes journal. 
• High blood pressure by ethnicity: 23% (1 in 4) among Hispanics; 23.5% (1 in 4) among non-Hispanic whites; 33% (1 in 3) among blacks; 19.5% (1 in 5) among Asians; 26.4%(1 in 4) among American Indians or Alaska Natives; and 36.4% percent (1 in 3) among Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders.
• Nearly 29% of Hispanic men (age 20 and older) are affected by high blood pressure.
• About 31% of Hispanic women (age 20 and older) are affected by high blood pressure.
• Among Mexican-Americans age 20 and older, 2 percent of men and 2.7 percent of women have had a stroke.

As I mentioned, all of the 10 finalists were wonderful, and they are really trying to bring about a change on those statistics. That is exactly what the winner of the Urban Business Storytelling Competition, Gospel Run is doing. Gospel run is an organization who help motivate and encourage activity through races. They partner with many churches to help educate people on a healthy, active lifestyle and encourage one another. Gospel Run unites gospel enthusiasts, runners, and walkers from across the Midwest and beyond in fellowship, fitness, and fun.  The race course includes gospel music at the starting line, at the finish, and along the course to keep you inspired every step of the way!  This is an event the entire family will enjoy and remember for years to come. What a difference this organization is making in the lives of those participating! I know Gospel Run will continue to grow and show their community that they too can flourish with a heart healthy lifestyle! 

You can learn more about the EmPOWERED To Serve Movement here.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the American Heart Association. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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