4 Reasons I Love To Shop At Lidl

Have you shopped at Lidl before? If not, you are totally missing out! Lidl is my new favorite place to grocery shop. If you have yet to experience Lidl, this is what you need to know. They offer their customers high quality and low prices. Lidl is hassle-free shopping that gets you in and out. It offers a product assortment and store layout that’s refreshingly simple, yet full of surprises to discover at every visit. Lidl is not your cookie-cutter grocery store. See my top 4 reasons to shop at Lidl! 

  1. Prices! Lidl is committed to giving their customers low prices on every single product. They can do this because they keep overhead to a minimum and eliminate any unnecessary costs. Take their “bring your own bag” policy. Not only does it mean they don’t build the cost of bags into our prices, this policy also saves you time at the register and is a greener solution. Additionally, they display products in custom boxes instead of replenishing and stocking item by item. These simple steps allow Lidl to pass the savings on to you. Not to mention, they have weekly specials and coupons for customers to take advantage of. My favorite deals this week were pineapples for .89 and all bakery items 25% off! I love their prices and sales.
  2. Convenience! Lidl knows you are busy, and that is why their first isle has all of the essentials located there. No more running across the store to just pick up bread, milk, and eggs. As a busy mom, I love this concept! In the first isle you can get more than half of your grocery shopping done. And, all of the stores have the same intuitive layout, making it easier for you to find what you need quickly.
  3. Variety! Lidl has a great selection of food, drink, toiletry and home-good products. Not only do they have brands and products you know and love, but they also have a wonderful private label. These products are award winning and at that low price you expect from Lidl. The wine and cheese selection is fabulous! You will also find specialty products direct from their own country, like pasta imported from Italy and European chocolates. Again, these items at the Lidl low price. I also really love the organic section. Not only are the products high quality, but I paid only a .30 difference for organic peanut butter than the regular name brand peanut butter. I can shop for the products I want and still remain within my budget. 
  4. Surprises! Lidl has more than just food. They love to surprise and delight their customers with a diversified product assortment that changes twice a week. You’ll find anything from essentials for the home, such as small appliances or kitchen gadgets, to stylish gear for the whole family, to toys and power tools, to home décor and gardening supplies, and much more. These surprises are located in the middle of the store and I suggest browsing each time you visit since they change out fast. A few of my favorite past surprises include cozy winter boots, sports bra, jeans, and an immersion mixer!

As you can see, there are many reasons why I choose to shop at Lidl! I was so excited for the Woodbridge location to open up. See a tour of the store here. Lidl is revolutionizing grocery shopping. Once you shop at Lidl, you will certainly see why! 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lidl. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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