Traveling With Kids aka “A Test On Patience”


As I prepared for our 8 day trip, the part I spent the most time planning, was the drive itself. Do I have everything I need for a peaceful, relaxing drive? Do I have the snacks, videos, treats, activity pads, wipes, more treats, more wipes, and headphones? Yes, that’s a list of my “must haves” x3! It always feels overwhelming to prepare for, but really, that’s just a portion of our 8 day vacation! Moms have their work cut out for them when it comes to planning a trip! I hear it over and over: “I need a vacation from my vacation!” So what are some things that you do to help smooth out that process? For me, it’s planning a good trip survival bag! I often include favorite toys, treats, and a few activities that they can use throughout our trip.

What’s in my car bag?

Annie’s Fruit Snack
Bribes (such as M&Ms & lollipops)
Mini coloring books
Because it’s 2015 tablets/leap pads šŸ™‚
Headphones for said tablets/leap pads
A few toys
Snuggle blanket
Last but certainly not least, a heaping dose of patience for mom and dad!

For more traveling with kids and for inspiration, check out my Pinterest Travel Board!

What are your “must haves” for the long car ride?

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