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Vita Coco Kids


Vita Coco is a leading manufacture of Coconut Water with a full line of products, including juice boxes! That’s right coconut water juice boxes! Each serving contains 100% coconut water, vitamin c, and natural flavors such as pineapple, strawberry and more. Vita Coco is NEVER made from concentrate. That means they pick, crack, and pack fresh young coconuts directly at the source. Once the coconuts are cleaned, the delicate water inside is flash pasteurized (and occasionally its’s mixed with all-natural fruit puree) then poured into a shelf-stable Tetra Pak®.

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Facing Your Mom Fears


As I prepared for an upcoming MOPS meeting on this topic, I couldn’t help but think, am I really facing my mom fears?

I know that’s a big, general question. It can have a plethora of answers, excuses and reasonings. If I were honest with myself, on a day to day basis I would have to say no. I am not entering boldly into conversations with others. I do not always stick to my guns when giving a mom-dreaded consequence, like no t.v. time. I do not always answer my friend’s truthfully when they ask how I’m doing. Like most moms, I sometimes go to bed feeling guilty at the end of the day. I ask myself, am I doing the job I am meant to for my family? [Read more…]

Half Time ~A Mom’s Dream Team for Lunch~


I recently had the privilege of being able to sample the hottest new lunchable on the market. Half Time by Applegate is quickly becoming a mom’s new go to for quick lunches, long car rides, and field trips everywhere! With the convenience of a ready-to-go lunch and ease of mind about what you’re actually putting into your child, it’s a clear choice! Applegate believes that kid food should be made with the highest quality of products, all natural ingredients, and be delicious. That is just what they accomplished!  Half Times’s are made with antibiotic free lunch meats, rbgh-free cheese, Annie’s Buttery Rich Crackers and snacks, and a Stonyfield Organic Yokids Squeezer. Also each box has a fun game, puzzle, or riddle on the inside. This truly is a lunch that both mom and child will gobble up!

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Mommy Bliss~ Safe, Natural, and Effective Products


When it comes to the bedtime routine I don’t know about you, but I try to make it as smooth as possible. That last 30 minutes of the night is crucial in helping my little ones either fall asleep blissfully, or toss and turn until they just happen to pass out. I prefer the blissful version! I was so looking forward to incorporating the Mommy Bliss products into our nightly routine.

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You, too, are a Magnificent Mom!


Dear Reader~

Please know that this blog is a way for me to continue striving towards a magnificent motherhood and to help others along the way! Some days I feel like I got this thing down, and there are just as many (if not more) days, when I couldn’t feel more far away from magnificence. If you are a mother taking care of your family, kissing boo boos, making lunches, tackling the never ending laundry pile, and everything in between, then you, too, are one magnificent mama!

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